Monday, 25 April 2011


Billy Corgan, drawn from the Greatest Hits album sleeve photo, enjoy :)

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Tidier Sketching

I decided to draw less sketchily and looked at my current favourite graphic novel 100 Months for inspiration. Still trying to be accurate without reference, so I looked at the image then drew without looking again, so it's a bit different to the original, enjoy!


I broke my laptop charger earlier in the week and this meant that I had to go back in time and listened to my CD's instead of Itunes. I was listening to an old favourite of mine, and sketched the inside cover, it's not perfect, but as sketches go, it's okay, enjoy! (Album is Gish by The Smashing Pumpkins)

Stuff from my moleskine book

Some sketches from out of my head enjoy and Happy Easter if anyone's reading :)

Friday, 15 April 2011


Whilst I was photographing the card, I photographed a couple of pages of my sketchbook too. I had this idea that I could make a mini sort of comic strip for every year of my life- no matter how mundane, I figure if it stuck in my head for so long that it must be important to me... But yeah, they're just rough things- 

The first one is 1991 and is based on a vivid memory of me and my brother sitting in a box, we often did this I don't really remember why though lol my brother is fairly accurate, I'm not, my face wasn't as wide and my eyes weren't as far apart. The second is 2001, I'm 14 by this point and have gone to a friends house and accidentally tried vodka for the first time. I genuinely thought it was nail varnish remover and was convinced that I was going to die... The last one is last year at work in a mailing house, messing about with a mate.


It's my brother's birthday on Monday, the day after he runs the London Marathon, so I thought I'd make him a card. The front is a stencil I made of London bridge, it came out a lot messier than I intended, but I kind of liked it so I left it as it was. I don't have many pictures of him as he hates cameras, but I found a lovely one of him asleep, so I sketched that and put it on the back of the card, featuring my spacetastic bed sheets enjoy!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Even more...

More stuff from my sketchbook, enjoy :)

More sketchbook work

So I got accepted into Camberwell which I'm massively pleased about :D but they said to work on improving my drawing between now and October, so I've been scribbling lots. I know this is done in paint, but technically I drew with the paint so it still counts! Acrylic black and white paint, enjoy :)