Friday, 26 November 2010

Artist's Block

Another old one I found, artist's block from '08, enjoy.

For anybody who actually looks at my page

The last few posts are old work, done between 2005-08. I'm in the midst of a clearout, and while not all of it's the best stuff I've ever done, some of it I just really like and wanted to share on here. I shall put my more recent work up again I've done more of it :)

Red Blue Green (another Radiohead idea)

Letter press, pen, pencil, marker and tippex, from 07/08. Too big to scan so pieced together in photoshop, I liked the inconsistency in the shades too much to edit them out, enjoy :)


Letter press and acrylic paint, another old one, 2007/08 I think enjoy.

Your Friendly Market Town

Old photo I took of somewhere in my hometown, enjoy.


The end. Enjoy :)

Neco Z Alenky

Another old one from 2006. Inspired by the Czech film version of Alice In Wonderland, enjoy :)

Tin Boxes

Inspired by Radiohead's  'Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box', old work but I like it, enjoy :)